Title: ‘murrugay mayiny nurranurrabul ngidyigalila’ by Robert Henderson Artist pr (Custom Print)


Title translation to English ‘first people constantly present every day’
Date of production: 2014
Materials and size of original: Acrylic on 183cm x 92cm Canvas
Number in series: #35 of 43
Artist: Robert Henderson, Wiradjuri
Story: Uninterrupted, continuing Sovereignty. In the early days of colonisation, European artists were commissioned to record the landscape in great detail, with the specific instruction to include everything except the First Nations People of the Lands. This piece is one of 9 that paints us back in across the background iconography that represents each state and territory of colonial Australia. With the exception of the first piece in the series, #35 which represents First Nations Peoples' presence across the lands as a whole. 

The custom prints are approximately 0.5 scale, ie half the size of the original on high quality, high GSM paper. Each piece is signed and dated by the artist, Robert Henderson. Available now. (Postage prices vary depending on distances)